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Sheffield State University offers a wide range of benefits and services to our alumni. When you decide to earn your degree with us, we will embrace our mission. Our mission is to help you in every possible way to provide your career a growth and bring happiness in your life. From career and counselors to resume and document editing services, Sheffield State University professionals stand ready to help you achieve your desired goals. We provide all of the services to our alumni at substantial discount which unavailable to the generic public. It’s only Sheffield State University who proudly says that we are here for your assistance in every manner we can because our primary goal is to serve best services with perfect vision of your career growth.

Career Counselors:

Sheffield State University professionals are ready to help you get prepare for your online job search. We are also affiliated with fifteen professional organizations to assist you in obtaining your career goals. Even if you want to assess, change or advance your career then our professionals can help you out. You don’t have to sell yourself with your soul.

Career Couches:

Now let suppose you are happy with your position but simply want to be more effective and efficient. Either you desire to navigate workplace politics, respond more productively to feedback or learn letter business communication skills then Sheffield State University professionals will help you fine tuning your skills. But you have to be the member of our Alumni program.

Alumni Program:

Sheffield State University Alumni program has-been designed to develop a leadership pipeline by giving young people deep and proper experience living and working abroad, while cultivating their skills speaking languages and navigating cross-cultural work environments.

Now it’s time to get on the fast track and receive the professional recognition and promotions you deserve. You just have to complete our free, no obligation evaluation form and submit it to us. Apply to Sheffield State University and our representative will get back to you with 24 to 48 hours.

About SSU

Sheffield State University is the ideal place for you to earn legal degrees to match your all academic needs and aspirations. With accredited life experience degrees, you can make certified levels in 15 days and nights devoid of concerning regarding admissions, scientific studies, and exams.

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Alumni Profiles

Dr. Tan Kok Siang

Dr. Tan Kok Siang

Graduated Civil Engineer 2019
Crawford Wood

Crawford Wood

MBA in Marketing, Year 2006
Lucy Watson

Lucy Watson

BSC in Nursing, Year 2009.

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The Accrediting Commission of International Colleges and Universities (ACICU) is an international accreditation agency that accredits online universities.

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  • I write this review to express my sincere gratitude to Sheffield State University and its faculty for an experience worth my time and investment.

    Agnes G. Vines
    Stella Agara
    MBA in Marketing
  • The opportunities that Sheffield State University and the Ohio area have to offer are outstanding. I had a great time and wish I could stay!

    Eric K. Walker
    Samuel James
    PhD in Finance
  • I absolutely loved it when professors of Sheffield State University made me complete their Economics Degree Program.

    Anna Watson
    Claudette van Schubert
    BBA in Economics
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