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About University

Established on 1997

The ideal place for you to earn legal degrees to match your all academic needs and aspirations.

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Earn a globally accredited life experience degrees having real-life value!

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Accredited by ACICU

SSU has applied for accreditation that would be recognized by the US Department of Education.

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300 Plus Majors

There are 300+ Majors on which Sheffield State University providing life experience degree.

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Unlock Your Potential with Accredited Life Experience Degrees

Welcome to a world where your life experiences are valued as credits towards a fully accredited degree. At our institution, we understand that your journey has equipped you with knowledge that deserves recognition. That’s why we offer accredited life experience degree programs that empower you to accelerate your education while honoring your unique path.

Why Choose Us?

Accreditation: We are a fully accredited institution, recognized by the relevant educational authorities. Your hard-earned degree will hold the weight it deserves in the academic and professional world.

Customized Pathways: Our programs are designed to fit your individual journey. We believe that your experiences, whether gained through jobs, military training, community service, or other avenues, are valuable assets in your education.

Proven Process: Our application process is designed to streamline your experience. Through documentation, assessments, and personalized evaluations, we ensure your knowledge is properly recognized.

Supportive Advisors: Our academic advisors are here to guide you every step of the way. From understanding program details to compiling evidence of your experience, we’re here to make your journey smooth.

Showcase Your Journey with Online Life Experience Degree Program:

Experience Variety: Whether you’ve excelled in your profession, served in the military, contributed to your community, or published papers – your experience matters, and it counts toward your degree.

Credit Where Due: We value your expertise. If you’re already knowledgeable in a specific subject, our curriculum audit allows you to fast-track through courses, saving you time and effort.

Military Experience: Your service to our country matters. We honor military training and experience by translating it into valuable course credits. Documentation and letters from your superiors can help you earn what you deserve.

Holistic Evaluation: We look beyond traditional classrooms. Your practical skills, leadership qualities, and problem-solving abilities are all recognized and rewarded.

Bright Future with Accredited Life Experience Degree Program:

Education is a journey, and your path is uniquely yours. By embracing your life experiences and coupling them with our accredited life experience degree, you’re not just earning a degree – you’re achieving a grand slam in your personal and professional life.

Don’t let your life experiences go unnoticed; let them shine through an accredited degree that respects and celebrates your journey. Join us in unlocking your potential today. Your life experience matters, and so does your future.

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Associates Program

Online Associate Degree Programs are becoming very popular due to increase in job transitions.

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Bachelor's Program

SSU provides online bachelor degree program which allows every candidate.

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Master’s Program

Our online master’s degree program permits just about anybody to win a degree.

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Doctorate/PhD Program

Online Doctorate Degree Program or PhD allows just about anyone to earn a degree.

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Alumni Profiles

Dr. Tan Kok Siang

Dr. Tan Kok Siang

Graduated Civil Engineer 2019
Crawford Wood

Crawford Wood

MBA in Marketing, Year 2006
Lucy Watson

Lucy Watson

BSC in Nursing, Year 2009.

Accredited By

Accrediting Commission of International Colleges and Universities

The Accrediting Commission of International Colleges and Universities (ACICU) is an international accreditation agency that accredits online universities.

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  • I write this review to express my sincere gratitude to Sheffield State University and its faculty for an experience worth my time and investment.

    Agnes G. Vines
    Stella Agara
    MBA in Marketing
  • The opportunities that Sheffield State University and the Ohio area have to offer are outstanding. I had a great time and wish I could stay!

    Eric K. Walker
    Samuel James
    PhD in Finance
  • I absolutely loved it when professors of Sheffield State University made me complete their Economics Degree Program.

    Anna Watson
    Claudette van Schubert
    BBA in Economics
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