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In which way this Life Experience Degree program works?

Sheffield State University degree program has been developed to provide useful way for qualified people to gain their academic qualifications by showing their previous or current working experience on related faculty.

How can I submit my request or application?

You can submit your request or application by filling up Apply Now form. Kindly note that instructions which are provided on Application Form are important to get qualified/Approved from Evaluation Team.

Can I Submit my request free of Cost?

Yes! You can submit your application with supporting documents to get evaluated by experts. Mostly, Universities in this industry charged $70 to $75. But we don’t charge anything upon your request and evaluation.

How much it will cost me to obtain a Graduate level degree or High level degree?

Normally it will cost you up to $450. But in exceptional cases for deserving candidates we provide our sponsorship in which we will bear the half cost of your degree.

What Sheffield State University Accreditation is all about?

Sheffield State University is proud to announce you that we have received full accreditation from The Accrediting Commission of International Colleges and Universities. For further detail you can check our Accreditation Page. Also you can check our listing.

If I qualify for the degree through my prior experience then how I justify the degree in front of others and most importantly to my employer?

This is a very important question because if you cannot have faith in your prior experience and do not know the value of this life experience degree then you cannot confront any one with confidence. Take this as note that Experts Agrees that information furnished and gathered to determine the level of skills, knowledge and competence you acquire from your work experience, voluntary activities, your avocation, your military service, your homemaking experience and knowledge from independent study has to be analyze as basis of standard experiential learning and award you with legitimately and reputed degree from Accredited Universities.

How long will it take me to get my degree?

In most cases the whole process can be completed within 7 working days. But sometimes it will take more than 1 week due to delay at the end of Higher Department of Accrediting Commission of International Colleges and Universities.

What does the degree looks like?

Your degree will be professionally produced and printed on fine quality 74lb parchment paper cover stock and bear the embossed color seal of State University of Sheffield. It is a full size 8 1/2 x 11 inches. You will receive two copies: a traditional paper degree which you can get framed and proudly display to others. The degree is of the same (or better) quality and style than you would find at most traditional universities.

Who will accept my Life experience degree from Sheffield State University?

Due to our reputation in U.S our degree are accepted all over the world.

Can I qualify for two degrees?

Accomplished individuals might qualify for two or more degrees. This could be a Bachelor/Master or Bachelor/Master/Doctorate. If you wish to apply for a combination degrees you may select that option on your application. In multiple degree packages each additional degree is offered at a 50% discount as sponsorship from University.

What graduation date will be on my degree?

You should select the graduation date that best coincides with your experience. You may back date your degree to match your experience. The end of May and the middle of December are the most traditional times of the year.

How does degree verification work?

Degree verification works like any other school in the country. Employers or third party companies that do confirmation for employers can contact us by our main phone number. We also verify degrees through email correspondence. Every evaluation details can also be sending through email or if you require a confirmation letter you can ask us any time and we can send you with extra charges of the letter.

Moreover, in the very near future we will be offering a new service. We can store your information with a company that provides degree archive registry service and will allow instant verification service for you and anyone you give secured login information to. Perspective

I'm interested, how do I begin?

The best way to begin the process is to fill in a free application! You will be contacted results within 24-48 hours.

Do you offer Apostle or Embassy service?

Our alumni are able to receive these services please contact us.

Where are you located?

We are located in Sheffield, Ohio in United State and our verified email address is: with Phone number: (+1) 440 922 6441

You can contact us any time you want. One of our representatives will always available to assist you with all your queries.

About SSU

Sheffield State University is the ideal place for you to earn legal degrees to match your all academic needs and aspirations. With accredited life experience degrees, you can make certified levels in 15 days and nights devoid of concerning regarding admissions, scientific studies, and exams.

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