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Lucy Watson

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Year 2009.

I’m a qualified mental health nurse working as a Staff Nurse at Gartnavel Royal Hospital in Glasgow. I work on an admission assessment ward for the elderly. It’s quite challenging at times, but it’s definitely rewarding. The best thing is being able to work with people and learn how they behave. I like to see people getting better – that’s the best part of the job, but it doesn’t always happen, unfortunately.

My dad was a mental health nurse and I used to listen to his stories, and that made me think, I’d give it a go. I enjoyed my time at University, I got a good level of training and it prepared me well. There are some things, though that classroom teaching can’t fully prepare you for – like dealing with the abusive relative of a patient. When you’re faced with this in real life, you soon develop your own way of working in those situations. My time at University gave me the confidence to do that, and helped me to develop the skills that I’d need.

Alumni Profile

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