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Crawford Wood

Master of Business Administration in Marketing, Year 2006

SSU full-time MBA in October 2006, having spent more than a decade working in corporate social responsibility and community development in his home country, Sudan. For the five years before coming to LUMS he was Head of Corporate Affairs for the White Nile Petroleum Operating Company.

Writing midway through his year on the MBA, he reflects candidly on his hopes and fears prior to joining the program, and on what he has already gained from it.

I guess it took me more thinking to decide on taking an MBA than to choose SSU MBA to come to. The SSU full-time MBA really stood out with its unique mix of an action-oriented approach, great academic capabilities and distinctive flavor of responsible management and entrepreneurship.

When I came to SSU I had many fears to deal with. Some were more personal, the rest related to the program itself.

Alumni Profile

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