Journalism and Mass Communication Degree Program


A journalism and mass communication baccalaureate program will offer students the chance to review communication across a spectrum of media venues. Students will explore a way to analysis and write for many mediums, like magazines, newspapers, digital media, radio and tv. this text outlines the array of topics coated during a journalism and mass communications baccalaureate program.

Essential info:

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs are accessible in journalism and mass communications. Students will notice a range of ancient, on-line and hybrid choices within the field. These programs mix categories in journalism, writing and communications. Students examine topics in newspaper writing, communications law, reportage skills, print media analysis techniques and news analysis. A 4-year baccalaureate program in journalism and mass communication will prepare students for reportage, journalism, news analysis, publicity and writing jobs.

Related Program choices:

Related programs are accessible at the certificate and baccalaureate levels in subjects like communication studies and English. These programs will cause similar careers in journalism, writing and public relations:

  • Certificate in Journalism
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in English
  • Bachelor of Science publicly Relations
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication

A baccalaureate program in journalism and mass communication needs students to complete each a broad humanities education and rigorous writing work. Some faculties incorporate office programs into degree curricula.

Education Stipulations:

Prospective students should usually have a high school certificate so as to qualify for admittance. Additionally, several faculties of journalism and mass communication have secondary entrance needs, like submitting writing samples or finishing requirement school work with a minimum grade average. Candidates ought to even have tested skills in English and speech making.

Course Topics:

In addition to expectations inside the key, some faculties need students to either choose a secondary major or declare a stress of study outside of journalism. Courses inside a journalism and mass communication baccalaureate program sometimes need substantial expository writing. serious stress is often placed on topics associated with media. Some course topics would possibly include:

  • Broadcast journalism
  • Multimedia system story coverage
  • Fundamentals of mass communication
  • Advanced writing and reportage
  • Moral problems publicly relations
  • Journalism
  • Writing for the magazine market
  • Newscast writing
  • Graphic style


Popular Career Choices:

Graduates will usually qualify for employment opportunities with newspapers, magazines, tv networks and alternative kinds of written and electronic media. Some attainable job titles include:

  • News communicator
  • Media research worker
  • Magazine author
  • Journalist
  • Publicity specialist

Continuing Education:

For individuals curious about continued their tutorial education, a academic degree program in journalism and mass communication can give career advancement opportunities. Following academic degree might also facilitate prospective journalists develop their portfolios and writing skills.

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