English Degree Program


A liberal expressions degree in English sets up you to peruse and translate writings, think discriminatingly, and compose viably. Literary study likewise expands your viewpoints on human life and society. An English degree can equip you for a mixture of distinctive vocations. Many scholars likewise utilize the B.A. in English as arrangement for graduate study, either in English or in different territories like service, law, or library science.

Program Overview:

The B.A. in English is a 36-hour real that obliges coursework in British, American, and world writing, and additionally artistic hypothesis, phonetics, and composing. It obliges you to encounter an expansive extent of writing, yet it permits you to select from a mixture of courses.

General Course Overview

The four courses needed of all majors are Literary Theory and Criticism, Linguistics, Shakespeare, and Seminar in English. Students take Literary Theory promptly in the major to take in the speculations and systems that underlie artistic studies. The Seminar in English, typically concentrating on a solitary creator, gives a capstone encounter close to the end of the major. It obliges noteworthy research and reaches a state of perfection in a long workshop paper.

Of the staying eight courses in the significant, one must be in American writing, one in British writing, one in world writing, and one in twentieth-century writing. Multiple course choices exist to satisfy each of these necessities, so you can pick a course that investment you from every range. One propelled written work course is likewise needed. The remaining hours may be taken as electives.

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