Education Administration Degree Program


Sheffield State University online Master’s in Educational Administration Leadership degree constructs your abilities to meet difficulties in the P-12 framework. This project is broadly perceived by the Educational Leadership Constituents Council (ELCC) and is one of a few projects that make up Sheffield State University’s Professional Education Unit, which has been licensed by the The Accrediting Commission of International Colleges and Universities (ACICU).

School Leadership Emphasis:

The School Leadership stress is planned for teachers who need to fabricate school-level initiative learning and abilities. The educational program concentrates on the vital’s part in articulating, creating, and actualizing a school vision that adjusts to and backings area needs. You will look at the administration abilities required to assess the frameworks and courses of action for constant school change; ensure the diversions of school and group stakeholders; and incorporate your individual mastery with current best practices and lawful and moral models to advertise school accomplishment.

Degree Outcomes

With your online Master’s in Leadership in Education Administration from Sheffield State University, you’ll figure out how to encourage the advancement of an imparted vision of learning, advertise the accomplishment of all persons, and lead the improvement of a society of learning. Also, you’ll have the capacity to oversee successful learning situations, adequately work together with various stakeholders, and lead the field of instruction in a moral way.

Career Outcomes

Regular occupations with an online Master’s in Leadership in Education Administration incorporate school administration, essential, right hand chief, physical executive, instruction facilitator, chief of affirmation, evaluation organizer, dignitary of understudies, system executive, and subordinate or low maintenance workforce. Potential work environments include: P–12 government funded school, P–12 tuition based school, option school, area based or online school or college, contract school or state instruction department.

For a More In-Depth Study

With this region of study, Sheffield State University additionally offers a project fixation — a chance to dig deeper into your particular learning range. Your project fixation could be incorporated in your transcript to possibly improve profession opportunities.

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