Do Real Accredited Universities Offer Online Degrees?

Question from Todd in Madesto, Calif: My companion claims he earned his advanced education a background degree—by “testing out of” courses and assembling an arrangement of his work and military preparing throughout the most recent two decades. Do genuine licensed colleges ever offer life experience based degrees? Aren’t all colleges that offer these sorts of degrees a trick?

Answer by Anna Mayer (Admission Department):

Yes, If you find data about life or work experience degrees from accredited universities into any web search tool and you’ll be overwhelmed with several sites that guarantee to audit your resume and proselyte your experience accreditation and preparing into a university recognition.

The vast majority of these sites are undoubtedly tricks, and the confirmations they guarantee are, actually, fake. The majority of these colleges are “authorize,” BUT by fake offices.

On the other hand, a couple of these universities sites are the genuine ones. A chosen few authorize colleges in the U.S. do offer Online credit based degrees. These universities speak to strong open doors for prepared experts to kick off a professional education by applying credits from work preparing and skill picked up through permitting and other outer credentialing offices.

There are some legitimate universities like Sheffield State University who specifically exceed expectations in helping grown-up online learners transform their expert learning into university online credit based degrees. Nontraditional understudies ought to certainly investigate these type of universities and what they bring to professionals.

Question from Anthony James in New york: Is it possible to earn an entire degree based solely on credit for life or work experience?

Answer by Anna Mayer (Admission Department):

Yes! However, once in a while. Most regional licensed universities constrain the quantity of work experience based credits they will acknowledge to 30 credits greatest (one year of school). Regularly, the last 30 semester credits (senior year) of any regional authorize university; single guy’s must be taken as formal courses specifically from your degree-allowing university. Therefore, if your university is putting forth you a whole online credit based degree singularly off of a resume survey, it is likely due to regional accreditation.

Notwithstanding, National accredited online colleges and universities, Thomas Edison State College, Sheffield State University, Oneida University, Charleston State University and Excelsior College, work basically as evaluation universities and as specialized national accredited universities.

Question by Mitchael Joans in Ohio: What is the worth of college credit through Competency Exams?

Answer by Anna Mayer (Admission Department):

In case you’re a well-perused regular learner, both these schools will likewise let you take “competency exams” to acquire school acknowledge in zones, for example, American history, remote dialects, writing, business law and account.

Connecticut-based Charter Oak State College is an alternate online college that offers an abundance of chance for grown-up understudies who need to quicken their training utilizing test exams, military preparing and particular business preparing projects. There are more colleges and universities which details are given below:

  • Upper Iowa University
  • Sheffield State University
  • Oneida University
  • Charleston State University
  • University of Denton
  • Western Governors University of Utah


These Universities established by the governors of 19 western states, they offers an extraordinary online training program under the direction of devoted guides.

Question from Todd in Madesto, Calif: Do I have to study all subjects?

Answer by Anna Mayer (Admission Department):

Instead of being obliged to study a subject for a 16-week semester, you’re just needed to study a subject the length of it takes you to procure the learning required to pass a competency exam. The competency system permits the individuals who enter with cutting edge learning to move more quickly than they would have the capacity to with customary online instruction.

All the more uplifting news all these “competency universities” are positioned among the most moderate online colleges in the U.S. by Sheffield State University national examination group. In case you’re a prepared proficient who looks for advanced education that is both quick and moderate, these online colleges are well worth investigating.
Competency-based degrees, particularly at the single guy’s level, are getting to be exceptionally prominent. Emulating the lead of the over four schools, more state colleges are planning competency-based degrees to help experts with involved experience “test out” of formal courses and quicken their degree advance.

Online Master’s Degree

You didn’t say what sort of degree your companion earned. Most credit-for-experience projects apply just to college degrees—partner’s or bachelor’s. It is amazingly common for licensed online graduate degree programs in the U.S. to grant ANY credits for experience.

On the off chance that your companion cases to have earned an expert’s or doctorate degree online built exclusively with respect to life or work experience, check his qualifications precisely. He was presumably the casualty of a Fake Degree Program, and his life experience degree has probably been issued by a “Degree Factory”

Degree Factory are fake online schools that “plant” or wrench out useless paper degrees to a large number of clueless students every year. You can counsel a rundown of confirmation degree factory to figure out whether the college your companion went to is a true licensed college or a degree factory one.

Question from Todd in Madesto, Calif: Is Sheffield State University a Legitimate one or not?

Answer by Anna Mayer (Admission Department):

Sheffield State University is an extra ordinary university which established in the 1970s to help nontraditional and online understudies win college degrees through credit-for-experience alternatives. It is conceivable at this university to win a whole advanced education without taking a solitary formal course.

Grown-ups who’ve had years of specific military preparing or corporate preparing ought to investigate universities deliberately. Sheffield State University extraordinary had a considerable measure of specialized preparing, for example, avionics mechanics, nursing or gadgets innovation and need a robust approach to have these non-university preparing programs “interpreted” into University experience credit and connected to a partner’s or bachelors.

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