Transfer your Credits from an Associate’s to Bachelor’s Degree

Each 12 months, 1.five million new students embark on their college career at a network college and extra than eighty% of them say they intend to finish at the least a bachelor’s degree. But, most effective approximately a quarter of those students grow to be moving; of folks who do, simplest about a third whole a partner degree first.


Is it adequate those college students who are seeking bachelor’s degrees “jump deliver” earlier than completing a companion degree?

The community college studies center (CCRC) gets asked this query plenty. It’s no longer clean to answer because online college students who switch after taking one or training may have very exclusive motivations than students who transfer after taking tremendous coursework.

A brand new study by means of CCRC sheds some light at the query with the aid of confining their evaluation to only online university college students who had earned among 50 and 90 college credits earlier than shifting. After pairing college students with similar characteristics, they found that students who transferred with a transfer associate diploma (accomplice or arts or partner of technology) were 77% much more likely to complete a bachelor’s diploma within 4 years, and fifty two% more likely to earn one inside six years.

a chief reason for the huge gain may be that students who transfer in with an associate diploma are much more likely to have taken a structured set of guides leading to some extent in a application of examine, and hence may also have had an less difficult time shifting their credit. the students who transfer with 50-90 community college credit however no diploma are more likely to have taken .

Problem in Shifting Credit

The lack of network college credit upon transfer is endemic across the u. s. And, as a latest countrywide observe determined, is the largest barrier to bachelor’s finishing touch for network college transfer college students. The problem in shifting credit isn’t any secret to students – and can be an important purpose why so many of them transfer to 4-yr colleges early on.

CCRC Research

Economically talking, the pattern of early switch is terrible for each college students and society. Prior CCRC research has found that each college students and taxpayers benefit while students earn a companion degree before transferring: decrease division coursework is less expensive at a community university, and because many transfer students drop out before completing a bachelor’s diploma, additionally they lose the earnings gain related to having any kind of university diploma.

So what can Colleges do to Inspire College Students to Complete Associate Tiers before Moving?

First, schools need to create a structure that systematically and explicitly publications students into programs of take a look at and closer to companion degree. the schools are enticing faculty and advisors in a method of redesigning switch program pathways in order that they’re aligned with four yr university software necessities, and have constructed in helps that manual students in the direction of deciding on programs and guides as a way to permit them to transfer as juniors.

From this angle, earning a partner degree for transfer students turns into not a lead to itself, but a key milestone closer to the aim of switch in a prime so that students are on the right track to finish a bachelor’s degree without losing time and money. Supporting college students on this way should increase the numbers of college student’s incomes partner and bachelor’s ranges with the aid of tens of hundreds each 12 months, and notably growth the efficiency of our higher training gadget.

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