Top 10 Unusual Major your College Probably Don’t Offer

While around common fraction of undergraduates can begin their careers as “Undeclared,” the bulk of incoming freshmen have a really firm plan of wherever their skilled futures lie. And it’s not forever during an ancient occupation.

The following unusual majors are as follows:

The Beatles:

Just because you think that you’ve deciphered which means of “I Am the Walrus” doesn’t cause you to associate skilled on the fabulous Four. However earning associate M.A. within the Beatles, musical style & Society will go extended thanks to upping your urban center credibleness. Established in 2009, the program explores the role musical style has contend over the past fifty years, victimization The Beatles as a case study. Not amazingly, you’ll have to be compelled to visit the band’s birthplace sometimes known as “The World Capital town of Pop” to sleep with. Additionally not surprisingly: The program is that the only 1 of its kind within the world.

Cannabis Cultivation:

Leave it to CA to open the country’s initial cannabis faculty. Then again, considering the thriving and legal industry that exists for meditative marijuana within the Golden State, it very solely is smart that there would be a Gymnasium for the cannabis business. And one wherever categories within the history, politics, and legalities of herb square measure instructed aboard seminars on growing and strategies of activity. However don’t be shocked if your room time gets interrupted by a raid by the Feds.


Toronto’s Humber faculty takes its laughs seriously with its Comedy: Writing and Performance program, aimed toward serving to variety of funny individuals become very funny individuals by perfecting their comedic temporal arrangement and understanding of however the funny business works, utilizing a school of operating comedians Associate in Nursing golf shot on weekly shows at the close Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club and an trade showcase at Second City all within the name of creating it huge in stand-up, improve, sketch comedy and/or screenwriting.

Fermentation Sciences:

As tempted jointly can be to decision this degree in beer-making, there’s lots a lot of to a career in suds than cracking open a chilly one. The official description of this B.S. is “an knowledge domain degree among the school of Arts and Sciences supposed to supply students with a powerful background in chemistry and biology and a substantial focus in business, marketing, and entrepreneurial principles.” active expertise comes courtesy of the cognitive state distillery, Associate in Nursing on-campus, non-profit-making distillery and plant managed by the school’s students and school. We’ll drink to that!


A career in sex doesn’t have to be compelled to go with an X-rating. The M.A. degree at SFSU is an instructional program over 5 decades within the creating, wherever students immerse themselves during a big selection of topics close human gender, from its illustration in arts and literature to social justice for sexual minorities. It’s academe at its most titillating.

The following other majors are as:

  • Viticulture and enology
  • Decision sciences
  • Popular culture
  • Floral management
  • Auctioneering
  • Poultry science
  • Entertainment engineering & design
  • Turf and golf course management
  • Turf grass science

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