Customer Service Bachelors Degree Program Info

Bachelor’s degree programs in business provide students with an education in customer service and communication skills. Students also usually learn computer and technical skills while completing their education.

Essential Information about Bachelors Degree Program

Bachelor’s degrees in customer service are rare. Instead, the most popular option for those wishing to work in customer service is a bachelor’s degree in business. Students seeking a career specifically in customer service can enroll in a business program that offers that field as an area of emphasis. Students earning a degree in business learn about the role that different functions play in the success or failure of a company.


High school diploma; standardized test scores, letters of recommendation and records of extracurricular activities may also be required.

Program Specializations: Sales, Internet Marketing and Management are some common specializations.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business

A bachelor’s degree in business includes coursework in topics such as marketing, basic accounting, sales, and finance and business development. Coursework related to customer service may also vary by specializations. Students are also required to complete the college’s general education course requirements. Interpersonal skills included in the curriculum may discuss client rapport, customer contact, phone techniques or social networking. Some common courses include:

  • General business
  • Service industries
  • Small business management
  • Professional growth
  • Sales

Employment Outlook and Salary Information

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicted a 13% employment increase for customer service representatives between 2012 and 2022, which is near the average for all jobs. Growth in this industry is often due to the number of companies who must cultivate customer relationships as part of their marketing programs.

The median hourly wage for customer service representatives was $15.00 in 2014, according to the BLS. The BLS also stated that in the same year, the lowest paid customer service representatives earned less than $9.55 per hour, while the highest earners made about $24.82 or more per hour.

Career path

  • accounts information clerk
  • accounts information service clerk
  • adjustment clerk
  • appraiser, telephone equipment
  • attendant, tourist booth
  • attendant, tourist information office
  • automobile dealerships service representative
  • bill complaints investigator
  • business office service representative – telecommunications
  • bus information clerk
  • bus schedule information clerk
  • bus service information clerk
  • bus transportation service coordinator
  • call center agent – customer service
  • claim clerk, lost or damaged goods
  • claims clerk – customer service
  • clerk, customer service
  • clerk, maintenance service
  • client service clerk
  • compensation agent
  • complaints adjuster
  • complaints clerk – customer service
  • counter inquiries clerk
  • courtesy desk clerk
  • customer information service representative – retail
  • customer relations clerk
  • customer satisfaction representative
  • customer service adviser
  • customer service agent
  • customer service assistant
  • customer service clerk
  • customer service clerk – insurance
  • customer service clerk – retail
  • customer service representative – call center
  • customer service representative – insurance
  • department store information clerk
  • inquiries clerk
  • exchange clerk

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