Children’s Literature Degree and Educational Program

Degree programs in kidder’s literature involve not solely the appreciation and composition of written works for kids however conjointly in-depth study into child acquirement and tools that facilitate learning at a young age. A number of colleges supply programs specifically in children’s literature, although students will pursue an education in children’s literature in connected fields or as a amount at the bachelor’s, master’s and degree levels.

Essential Info:

Students will notice children’s literature programs that provide on-line studies, and people fascinated by teaching careers will rummage around for programs that embody education coaching and teaching assistant ships to qualify them for teaching licensure once graduation. Some colleges limit the amount of scholars they settle for into their programs, creating previous education and performance essential. Children’s Literature Program Fields: academic degree in Children’s Literature; degree in Children’s Literature; Ph.D. In Children’s Literature


For entry in to online degree programs, a high school credential or GED, weekday or ACT scores; for entry in to graduate level programs, bachelor’s and/or degree in English or connected field; letters of recommendation; GRE scores; collegian GPA requirements; inventive writing portfolio; personal statement

Program Length: academic degree, four years; degree, 2-5 years; degree, 3-5 years

On-line Availability: Some programs are offered on-line.

Bachelor’s Degree in Children’s Literature:

Undergraduate majors, like English, literature or infancy education, will embody concentrations or courses in children’s literature. Academic degree programs introduce a range of literary works and genres, although students could select electives specifically in children’s literature. In some cases, colleges could permit candidates to customize a course of study that focuses on English, children’s authors and literary history.

Courses in youngsters’ literature teach students regarding the design and sort of books and materials designed for young and adolescent children. Topics could include:

  • Cultural literature
  • History of acquirement
  • Storytelling
  • Mythology
  • Rhetoric
  • Poetry and verse
  • Writing

Master’s Degree in Children’s Literature:

Many schools supply degree programs in children’s literature, education and humanistic discipline. Students could notice totally or partly on-line master’s programs that target coaching for an instructional career. Coursework varies by the main target of the program. Some programs supply skilled studies that develop writing skills; others teach techniques for library organization and literary programs for kids. Where-as earning a degree, people could take courses covering totally different aspects of children’s literature, such as:

  • Image books, poetry and fictional writing for kids
  • Library operations
  • International literature
  • Teaching skills
  • Historical and up to date authors

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Children’s Literature:

Doctoral candidates in children’s literature programs analysis the expansion and progression of writing, likewise because the social effects and organic process aspects literature has vie on young readers. Students could opt to focus on the inventive component of the sphere or harden a career in domain. Students could participate in teaching assistant ships or fellowships to subsidize school prices.

Courses in a very PhD program could embody a various mix of literary genres, topics and theory. Students could customize a program on subjects specific to children’s literature, although several doctoral-level programs need some instruction on teaching and analysis. Some course material could include:

  • Cultural and international literature
  • Acquirement development
  • Foreign language literature
  • Fiction, fantasy and poetry for kids
  • Teaching language arts and reading

Popular Careers:

Master’s degree-holders qualify for many careers in children’s literature. Some positions could need state licensure, registration or certification. a number of career choices include:

  • Librarian
  • Editor
  • Publisher
  • Author
  • Teacher
  • College administrator

Career Outlook and Pay Info:

Graduates of an academic degree program in children’s literature could pursue a career as a primary or grammar school teacher, bibliotheca or author. per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), teaching positions for elementary lecturers were expected to rise twelve-tone system, and demand for librarians was projected to extend seven-member from 2012 to 2022 ( The BLS conjointly reportable in could 2014 that the common annual salaries for elementary lecturers and librarians were $56,830 and $58,110, severally.

The BLS re-portable that degree graduates fascinated by following a career in post secondary education may even see a nineteen increase in job opportunities for 2012-2022, whereas writers and authors may anticipate third growth in a job over this era. In could 2014, professors of English and literature attained a mean pay of $68,390, and writers created $67,870 p.a., per BLS knowledge.

Continuing Education:

Bachelor’s degree-holders fascinated by teaching young youngsters should be commissioned. Public and college librarians conjointly sometimes acquire state-mandated certification. State laws for public college lecturers and librarians vary and will need earning a degree or specialized coaching in education or library studies.

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