Cheap Online College Degree Providers

At the universities listed here, low-cost online degrees area unit right at your fingertips and you will get a top quality education. obtaining a degree on-line is useful, not solely as a result of it permits students to figure from home on their own schedules, however additionally as a result of it will save a big quantity of cash thanks to the elimination of space and board and traveling and transportation prices.

Western Governors University:

Western Governors University is intended with operating adults in mind. This noncommercial establishment offers licensed bachelors and master’s degrees. There is no minimum high school grade point average score or SAT/ACT score needed for enrollment. However candidates are needed to submit official transcripts associated interview with an enrollment counselor to see if WGU is that the most suitable option for them. The following programs offered:

  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Special Education
  • Mathematics and Science
  • Business Management
  • Marketing and Accounting

University Of Wyoming:

The university of American state offers many online bachelor’s degrees through its reach faculty. The common age of the web learner at university of Wyoming is thirty three years archaic. New student’s square measure needed to use with a high school criterion of three.0 and either an act score of twenty one or a combined sat mathematics and important reasoning score of 980. The web programs square measure designed for college kids to finish the ultimate 2 years of the degree.

Walden University:

Walden university is widespread among operating adults, associated it conjointly offers an abundance of distinctive degrees not found elsewhere. It’s conjointly a well-liked establishment for active members of the military. Walden University offers admission to high school graduates United Nations agency is a minimum of twenty four years previous. Younger students are accepted if they need completed a minimum of twelve faculty credits. The varsity works on the quarter system, and it’s going to take up to four years to complete a degree.

Oregon State University Campus:

Oregon State University may be a university renowned for its dedication to analysis. It offers sixteen college man degrees online. The college has strict admission needs, because the college takes into consideration the amount of high school work and program strength. Students should have maintained a three.0 GPA at intervals fifteen subject areas. Candidates also are needed to fill out Associate in nursing insight resume, together with short essay queries. 2 years of a far off language also are needed. Online bachelor’s degrees take four years to finish.

Columbia College:

Columbia school offers twenty three online degree programs, categories square measure schooled in eight week sessions that begin at five totally different times throughout the year. Candidate’s square measure needed to require either the ACT or Saturday I. Students UN agency score on top of the fiftieth cantle on these exams square measure typically accepted into the program if they even have a high school grade point average of 2.5 or higher. Students take 2 categories at a time for 2 months every, for a complete of six credits promptly.

The following other colleges are as:

  • Herzing University
  • American Intercontinental University
  • Colorado Technical University
  • Capella University
  • Fort Hays State University

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