Biblical Counseling Degree Program


The Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling is intended to get ready learners for a service of scriptural advising to people, couples, and families in a congregational, denominational organization, guiding focus, or missions setting.

The degree is intended for non-pastoral staff parts and other church pioneers who look to do a lot of guiding from the structure of a consistent with the scriptures advising model. The degree mixes scholastic and classroom planning with useful preparing in a service setting. People consider and seek after D.MIN. On the other hand Ph.D. studies ought to look for passage into the M.Div. with a Concentration in Biblical Counseling degree.

Taking in Outcomes

  • Students will have the capacity to show a developing, Christ like character and a feeling of God’s calling to service.
  • Students will have the capacity to comprehend the Christian perspective and have a worldwide vision for satisfying the Great Commission.
  • Students will have the capacity to show huge information of the Bible, translate Scripture’s unique importance, and apply Scripture to contemporary circumstances.
  • Students will have the capacity to coordinate efficient and verifiable philosophy into a bigger scriptural skeleton.
  • Students will have the capacity to exhibit aptitude in the act of consistent with the scriptures advising.

Work Objectives:

Biblical counseling (21 hours)

  • 34300    Introduction to Biblical Counseling 03
  • 34305    Biblical and Theological Foundations for Counseling 03
  • 35100    Marriage and Family Counseling 03
  • 34330    Typical Problems in Biblical Counseling 03
  • 34310    Essential Qualities of the Biblical Counselor 03
  • 35530    Reformation Counseling Training I or 35585    Counseling Observations and Practicum 03
  • 35540    Reformation Counseling Training II or 35590 Counseling Internships 03
  • Total Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling     Requirements          51
  • Written Communication (if required)                                                      +2

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