Alternative Medicine Degree Program

As integral and option solution (CAM) gets all the more generally acknowledged by Western societies including both specialists and patients, the requirement for option drug experts keeps on growing. Option pharmaceutical is a term used to allude to any heath mind medicine that is excluded in a doctor’s standard methodology to disease or infection. Albeit some option prescription experts, for example, rub specialists and acupuncturists rehearse option medication solely, others join it into a comprehensive medicine approach, which permits them to give their patients a more assorted reach of treatments. The Alternative prescription degree from Everglades University will get ready people to either have some expertise in option pharmaceutical or use it to improve their current practice. This on-yard and online option medication degree project is offered 100% online and at all three of our yards: Boca Raton, Sarasota, and Orlando.

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Alternative Medicine empowers learners to investigate the energizing field of Alternative Medicine with courses in Herbology and Botany, Nutrition and Aging, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, and Antioxidants. Courses are suited for rehearsing Healthcare Professionals, for example, Nurses, Massage Therapists, Spa Directors, and Medical Assistants who need to join these regular recuperating expressions into their vocations. This degree will empower the graduate to turn into a balanced and instructed social insurance proficient with a wide premise for choice making in the perpetually changing field of human services.

To get a Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Alternative Medicine, understudies must finish 123 acknowledge hours as depicted underneath.

General Education Courses (30.0 credit hours)

English (6 Credit Hours)
English Composition I 3.0 credit hours
English Composition II 3.0 credit hours
Computer (3 Credit Hours)
Introduction to Computer Applications 3.0 credit hours
Communications (3 Credit Hours)
Speech 3.0 credit hours
Humanities/Fine Arts (3 Credit Hours)
American Literature 3.0 credit hours
Math (6 Credit Hours)
College Algebra 3.0 credit hours
College Math
(or Math courses equivalent or higher)
3.0 credit hours
Social Science (3 Credit Hours)
Political Science 3.0 credit hours
Natural Science (3 Credit Hours)
General Biology 3.0 credit hours
Behavioral Science (3 Credit Hours)
Introduction to Psychology 3.0 credit hours


Lower Division Required Courses (33 credit hours)

Introduction to Chiropractic 3.0 credit hours
Fundamentals of Nutrition 3.0 credit hours
Anatomy and Physiology 3.0 credit hours
Advanced Anatomy and Physiology 3.0 credit hours
  Interdisciplinary Studies*
     Interdisciplinary Studies 1 3.0 credit hours
     Interdisciplinary Studies 2 3.0 credit hours
     Interdisciplinary Studies 3 3.0 credit hours
     Interdisciplinary Studies 4 3.0 credit hours
     Interdisciplinary Studies 5 3.0 credit hours
     Interdisciplinary Studies 6 3.0 credit hours
     Interdisciplinary Studies 7 3.0 credit hours
(OR) Choose Alternative Medicine Track  
     Health Psychology 3.0 credit hours
     History of Medicine 3.0 credit hours
     Exercise Science and Sports 3.0 credit hours
     Women’s Health 3.0 credit hours
     Health Science Research Methods 3.0 credit hours
     Alternative Consultative and Diagnostic Procedures 3.0 credit hours
     International Nutrition 3.0 credit hours
(OR) Choose Science Track  
     Advanced Biology 3.0 credit hours
     General Chemistry 3.0 credit hours
     General Chemistry Lab 1.0 credit hours
     Advanced Chemistry 3.0 credit hours
     Advanced Chemistry Lab 1.0 credit hours
     Organic Chemistry I 3.0 credit hours
     Organic Chemistry I  Lab 1.0 credit hours
     Organic Chemistry II 3.0 credit hours
     General Physics 3.0 credit hours

*The IDS courses allow credit for appropriate prior learning. Allied Health, Natural Science, Physical Science, and Health Services Administration are commonly accepted disciplines for transfer credit into this degree major. Additional courses may be evaluated and accepted at the discretion of the Dean of Academic Affairs or Department Chair.


Upper Division Required Courses (60.0 credit hours)
Herbology and Botany 3.0 credit hours
Introduction to Homeopathy 3.0 credit hours
Nutrition and Aging 3.0 credit hours
Dietary Influences on Disease 3.0 credit hours
Alternative Approaches to Arthritis, Cancer, and Heart Disease 3.0 credit hours
Manual Therapies: Massage, Reflexology, and Acupressure 3.0 credit hours
Feng Shui 3.0 credit hours
The Meaning of Health 3.0 credit hours
Detoxification and Healing 3.0 credit hours
Ayurvedic Medicine 3.0 credit hours
Clinical Decision Making 3.0 credit hours
Body Awareness and Physical Movement 3.0 credit hours
Traditional Chinese Medicine 3.0 credit hours
Principles of Acupuncture 3.0 credit hours
Stress Reduction and Relaxation 3.0 credit hours
Miasms and Constitutional Treatment 3.0 credit hours
Antioxidants 3.0 credit hours
The Herbal Medicine Chest 3.0 credit hours
Naturopathy 3.0 credit hours
Alternative Medicine Capstone Course 3.0 credit hours
Total Credits Required As Described Above 123 Credits


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