Endorsement when given by experts is a validation and in the case of degrees program its accreditation. This type of endorsement achieved when a group of theoretically impartial experts in higher education thoroughly investigates a school and finds it legitimate.

In United Sates of America we have good number of agencies with the name Accrediting Commission of International Colleges and Universities (ACICU) of which that grant accreditation. There are always two types of accrediting agencies. One is institutional and second is specialized accreditation. Institutional accreditation is regional accreditation who examine the college or university as a whole institution. As for Specialized accreditation which also known as professional accreditation are to evaluate specific educational programs so individuals have legitimate degree on their hands which they can utilize to enhance their career growth.

Accrediting Commission of International Colleges and Universities (ACICU)


Accreditation is important for each school and for students as well. But most of universities who provide fake degree confuse this accreditation process with several factors like:

  • There are no standards for accreditation
  • The accreditation of a school in one state might not be acceptable to another state

But these all are excuses and to confuse students because in reality, there are seven well recognized regional accrediting agencies from United States Department of Education and these regional accrediting agencies carry on the highest level of recognition and acceptance from United States Department of Education to support degree legitimacy.

Sheffield State University is recognized internationally and offering degree program to accomplish every individual career goals. Accreditation by an accreditation agency is vital and we provide you that degree which can fulfill your all educational missions.

Sheffield State University has applied for accreditation that would be recognized by the US Department of Education. We will not only providing online degree but also dreams of individuals by which they can change their life style in the society.

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